See below for Weather Impacts/Cancellations to meetings Or Group Announcements

In Need of Addict Support

Nuevo reunion que necestia apoyo

6 thoughts on “Announcements and Cancellations”

  1. Not Alone in Leominster at 106 Carter St. that meets from 4:30pm-6:00pm on Sunday nights is in need of addict support

  2. New Group!

    “Together We Can”
    Monday nights @ 6:00pm

    Townsend Congregational Church
    3 Brookline St.
    Townsend MA 01469

    for more information call:
    978.870.7463 or 781.460.9724

  3. Hi Gina:
    Don’t forget Webster is alive in person and well meeting face to face in our new location 443 S. Main Street Webster
    Together we can
    The Late Show
    Joyful Hearts
    We are always in need of addict support please and thank you!

  4. Hi mike,

    I’m new and was trying to figure out how to join a meeting. I would love to go to one tomorrow (Saturday) if there’s any info you could send me I would appreciate it. Thank you!

    1. Most meetings, to join, you attend regularly (and often put your clean date in a book) and it is suggested to attend business meetings and get involved. All are welcome at any meeting, so you just click on meeting list, find a meeting and go.

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