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  1. Back to Basics, which meets Friday night 7-8pm at St. Matthew’s Church in Worcester – will not be meeting next Friday, November 3, 2023 – due to a church function.

  2. The Back to Basics meeting is moving back to St. Matthew’s Church starting Friday, February 3rd at 7pm:

    St. Matthew’s Church
    695 Southbridge St
    Worcester, MA (parking lot entrance)

  3. women do recovery meeting that is on Zoom Thursdays from 7-8 and the meeting is closing due to lack of support.

  4. The Saturday Night Live NA group that meets at 6-7;15pm at St John’s Church 44 Temple Street Worcester is in dire need of support to take positions & make it a home group. This group was started 1.5 years ago because there was no Saturday night meeting opened after Covid. When meetings close, addicts die. If you can and are willing to do this please come to the business meeting Saturday 9/24.

  5. The back to basics meeting that is at 7:00 p.m. on 1290 Grafton Street in Worcester is closed tonight because of inclement weather. It will resume again next week. Thank you

  6. The Saturday Night Live meeting that is held Saturday night 6-7:15 pm will be closed due to weather on Sat. Jan 29 2022. We will be back the following week.

  7. New Group!

    “Together We Can”
    Monday nights @ 6:00pm

    Townsend Congregational Church
    3 Brookline St.
    Townsend MA 01469

    for more information call:
    978.870.7463 or 781.460.9724

  8. The Grafton Recovery Group (Monday nights, Grafton Unitarian Church) is permanently closed due to lack of addict support.

    1. Hi mike,

      I’m new and was trying to figure out how to join a meeting. I would love to go to one tomorrow (Saturday) if there’s any info you could send me I would appreciate it. Thank you!

      1. Most meetings, to join, you attend regularly (and often put your clean date in a book) and it is suggested to attend business meetings and get involved. All are welcome at any meeting, so you just click on meeting list, find a meeting and go.

  9. The Grafton Recovery Group meeting is re-opening on Monday June 21, 6:30-7:30 at the Grafton Unitarian Universalist Church
    3 Grafton Common
    Grafton, MA 01519


    6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
    Living Clean
    Greendale Peoples Church
    25 Francis Street, Worcester, MA, 01606
    No children
    O, LC, WC

    7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    The Oxford Group
    St Anne Church
    652 Main Street, Oxford, MA, 01537
    O, RF

    6:30 pm – 7:45 pm
    Men Trusting The Process
    Gospel Gateway Church
    482 Mechanic Street, Fitchburg, MA, 01420
    C, IP, JT, M, RF, LC, Lit

    6:00 pm – 7:15 pm
    Working It Group
    Greendale People’s Church
    25 Francis Street, Worcester, MA, 01606
    C, ST, TW, WC

    7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
    Straight Stepping
    425 Lake Ave North Suite 202, Worcester, MA, 01605
    C, ST, WC

    6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
    Friday Night Step
    The Journey Community Church
    46 Greenwood Street, Worcester, MA, 01607
    O, ST, TW

    Meeting Legend:
    BT Basic Text
    C Closed
    IP Informational Pamphlet
    JT Just For Today
    LC Living Clean
    M Men
    O Open
    RF Rotating Format
    ST Step
    TW Traditions Workshop
    WC Wheelchair

    1. Hi Gina:
      Don’t forget Webster is alive in person and well meeting face to face in our new location 443 S. Main Street Webster
      Together we can
      The Late Show
      Joyful Hearts
      We are always in need of addict support please and thank you!

  11. All NA Meetings at Restoration Recovery Center
    40 Fairmount Street, Fitchburg, MA, 01420

    Will Be Closed For The Next Two Weeks.

    Daily Inspiration M-F
    12 – 1 PM

    Women Living Clean Monday 7 – 8:15 PM

    The Truth Is In The Book Saturday 7 – 8 PM

  12. As of right now commitments for ADCARE are still taking place. Temperatures and a quick screening will be done upon arrival so just be prepared for that. Thank you!

  13. There is no meeting at Adcare (Saturday night 6pm) for the next 2 weeks. . Still trying to find out about Sunday morning meeting.

  14. The Tuesday 7:00 pm South Acton Meeting
    Will be canceled for the rest of this month due to the Church closing because of the Coronavirus scare.
    That means there will be no meetings on March 17th, 24th, or the 31st.
    We are very sorry to have to make this announcement.
    We hope to see you in April.

  15. Friday night step on greenwood will be meeting at 1241 Main Street New Creations Church for the next 2 weeks. Any questions pm me.

  16. Commitments that have been closed until further notice CHL, Mere, Vets Inc, Washburn, Spectrum . Commitments that are still open Millbury Sunrise and Adcare.

  17. All incoming commitments to RCA have been postponed until further notice.

    All incoming commitments to Washburn have been postponed until further notice.

    All incoming commitments to Spectrum have been postponed until further notice.


    SPENCER MA 01562

    8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
    NOONTIME -1:30 PM. BREAK AT 12:45
    7 PM – 8PM

  19. on MARCH 15 th , the Saturday night NA group TRUTH IS IN THE BOOK will be having there 18th year Anniversary at 40 Fairmont St . Fitchburg , Mass.From 6-8;30.Food ,Fun and Fellowship .

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